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There's nothing much to say... We create sounds for you, for your listening pleasure and for our holy mission of sound exploration. Yes, this is yet another netlabel... But we decided to run it becaus [...]
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Digital Diamonds
Digital Diamonds is a netlabel focusing on high quality electronic music. Featuring both - newcomers and well-known artists, we especially want to offer deep techno and trance music with soul. The ide [...]
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Fragment Music
Fragment is a Russian net-label established in 2005. The label is set to release and promote the deepest and most atmospheric techno music. It is considered to be a tool to conduct the thoughts and id [...]
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Discos Konfort
Along the last 5 years we have compiled the job from a wide range of artists from our country, from the most famous with excellent proposals till the new generations which are becoming part of the Mex [...]
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Miniatura Records
Miniatura Records is Argentinian net label whose objective is to provide new artists a platform to show their music. Focus on techno-minimal sounds miniatura deals with edition, distribution, and prom [...]
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Tecno Nucleo
TecnoNucleo, a new netlabel based in Mataró (Barcelona , Spain), launches its first release: INDET1.0. An experimental music work that can be downloaded for free. 17 musicians from 10 different cou [...]
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Mizukage Records
Healing, Electronica, Wakuwaku NetLabel [...]
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Tribe Toolz
a german label to release free experimental techno jazz... for all chicks on the dancefloor :) [...]
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Recycling Records
Recycling Records - sound recycling factory, stronghold of unhumble music. Label established to promote the idea of plunderphonics by publishing recordings of experimental, noisy and avantgarde music  [...]
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