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New album release: "Capturas del Único Camino" by Damian Anache
ALBUM: Capturas del Único Camino
This album is the prefect companion for a moment of relaxation; offering a beautiful object for passive contemplation. The recording on this CD has been performed using an algorithm that proclaims the computer as a live performer (beyond the possibilities of this work of being performed by musicians). In the computer, the designed software manipulates different kinds on sonic materials consisting of: acoustic instruments (played by the composer); sounds generated by his mouth and vocal tract (also by the same composer); sounds created by synthesis technics; and other recordings of sounds generated by water. This interpretation algorithm involves a list of directions and actions subjected by random choices according to a model proposed for the piece’s first section score (printed score included in physical editions). Furthermore, be noted that although here it is presented in CD Audio, this work is developed in other formats such as audiovisual installation. In all these cases, the combination of sounds and visual components that make up the work offers a relaxed tour of abstract scapes.

ARTIST: Damián Anache
While Capturas del Único Camino is the debut album of the young Argentine composer, his previous compositions have been played in events held at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia (Rome, Italy), National University of Córdoba (Arg), Museum of Modern Art in Ecuador (Quito, Ecuador ), Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires (CCEBA, Arg) and Recoleta Cultural Center (CCR, Arg) among others. Also, the artist has developed teaching and research activities in different institutions of Buenos Aires (UNA, National University of Arts; UNQ, National University of Quilmes, and FUC, University School of Cinema). As interpreter has participated as guest musician on several performances of experimental live music projects: the ensemble Buenos Aires Sonora (BAS) and the National Ensemble of the South (ENS). At the same time he has worked as producer for local rock bands, like Excursiones Polares and Brahman Cero.

LABELS: Concepto Cero e Inkilino Records
This publication is the first collaboration between the labels Concepto Cero and Inkilino Records, thus linking not only popular music (promoted by the first) and experimental electronics (the second) but also making closer the geographical distance between La Plata and Buenos Aires cities (respectively). This co-editing project anticipates a series of collaborations between both labels looking to stand out in the new Argentina scene. For this publication has also been important the contribution made by the research project “Spatial sound synthesis in electroacoustic music”, directed by Oscar Pablo Di Liscia, National University of Quilmes, in which the artist is involved.

- “Música contemporánea sensible con el foco puesto en el tiempo y el espacio.”
Club del Disco

- “Capturas del Unico Camino certainly has a lot going on but it’s a subtle and soothing album of great depth”
Norman Records

- “What the future of classical music might look like”
Floorshime Zipper Boots

- “Damian Anache’s music feels akin to poetry. With the right sound in the right place the pieces are precise”
Beach Slot

1- Paisaje primero (14:15)
2 - Paisaje propio (14:15)
3 - Paisaje artificial (14:15)
4 - Paisaje natural (15:08)
total length: 57:53

Catalog Number:
CCL011 // IR003

Release Date:
12 / 10 / 2014

- CD (300 copies)
- CD Deluxe (150 numbered copies)
- DIGITAL (Hi Res. 24 bit / 48 khz)

Audio Codification:
Ambisonic-UHJ (Stereo compatibility)

Experimental; Avant-Garde; Electronic; Minimalism; Ambient; New Age

Generative Art; Algorithmic Composition; Randomness
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