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New album release: "Capturas del Único Camino" by Damian Anache
ALBUM: Capturas del Único Camino ***************************************** This album is the prefect companion for a moment of relaxation; offering a beautiful object for passive contemplation. T [...]
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[zero150] Astma & A Spirale - The Cost of Service
Collaborative effort between these two duos yields a mashup of post post punk no wave sound art improv noise. Like smashing DNA & Wolf Eyes together with guitars whose necks were snapped yet are h [...]
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[PSY071] Off Land - Tidewater Pulse
Off Land was formed in 2004 by Tim Dwyer, an artist and musician from New England whose sound was originally shaped by "net" label culture's collaborative atmosphere of experimentation and p [...]
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Mitoma - Satellite Hive [& bonus remix album "INTERSTELLAR:REMIXES"]
Satellite Hive is the second album from Mitoma, one which sees the Scottish duo welding together disparate elements of electronica to form a beautifully contorted album. Subtle tones shift through air [...]
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[gterma001] : Indo - Rupa Loka
The Rupa Loka, one of the hidden planes of existence beyond our own is the focus for this album, a serene world populated by beings more refined and evolved than ourselves. The album is a journey thro [...]
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[PhbL01] Leonardo Rosado - Opaque Glitter
Experimental artist Leonardo Rosado launched a site to document and share the creation of his latest album, Opaque Glitter. Approximately 1h30 of music was made and was available so listeners would be [...]
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Zavoloka "Vedana" - new Kvitnu release!
In 2007 Zavoloka started series of "Universe Elements" releases with her CD "Viter", dedicated to the Air Element. And since 4 years here comes the second volume from series, [...]
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[SOSLP024] Alexis Storm - Accaduesseoquattro
Artist: Alexis Storm Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: Accaduesseoquattro Genre: Minimal, Techno Release on: 18/02/201 Pioneer of hot sound, yet spring, Alexis Storm surprises for the thickne [...]
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Off Land - Egressives
The fourth in the Lemony Nougat series of ambient and drone releases on 3" CDr. Similar to true egressives, this 20 minute ambient work by Off Land steadily flows through air streams and channels [...]
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Remy LBO "Umpqua Fire" CD (NOECHO Records)
Immediately after mixing "Peeling in the Drum", Remy LBO dropped everything and rented a cabin in the middle of the Oregon wilderness. "It was November in Los Angeles, but didn't f [...]
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