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Supreme Sluts
Biography: With their Electrohouse DJ-Show the Supreme Sluts rock either the young generation as well as long-term partypeople. Enzo Matari & Pepe Norman mix up current Electro smashers with carefully chosen retro-vocals in spectacular loops. Therefore the Supreme Sluts use CDs, notebook and the good old vinyls. Like this they unite modern and original techniques. The friendship of the two Germans has lasted longer than school and university. It has grown during all the club nights they have spent together. As DJs they acted on one’s own at first. Enzo has developed his feeling for the crowd with the alias Discodog during his long-term residencies at Soundgarden in Leipzig and at Toxic Basement Berlin. Pepe has been playing in the clubs since 2000 as Norman Karachi.

In 2001 Enzo Matari, whose real name is Alex Zille, and Pepe Norman alias Norman Schweitzer have found the housefloor webmag. The online-magazine has developed to one of Germany’s top sites for house and techno culture. Furthermore Pepe & Enzo run the booking agency Spacelounge.
Very important for both is being honest. “Only when you can tell the other one directly what you think and feel, you can make good music together.� Like this they convince with their live act and as producers. In their sessions in the home studios in Düsseldorf and Halle, Enzo plays the piano and finds melodies that touch you deeply. Pepe is the man for the fat beats and grooves in the Supreme Sluts’ tracks.

The Supreme Sluts Online

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+49 (0)170/ 58 67 316
+49 (0)345/ 47 00 294
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