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jZAMOJSKI "SZE??" (SIX) on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify and more...
S I X. History, created from the six that creates hundreds, thousands, and even millions of others. A history written with sounds. Take a seat. Listen. What is your story?

S I X is a kind of continuation and development of the last full-fledged recorded duet of ‘Analog People In A Digital World’.

S I X – “…ambient spaces, dulling the listener’s alertness, which disappear under the influence of violent jazz drums, which combined with concrete music, will awaken you from lethargy. There are also times when we are dealing with a typical hip-hop approach to create sound structures...”.

S I X is simply a new chapter.

jZAMOJSKI (owner Jakub Zamojski) is a musician, producer, instrumentalist, engineer and sound designer from Lublin. Since 2008 the co-founder of the HALF OF A dB duet (former B.R.O.), within which he released three albums, a podcast and a few loose tracts. The EP released in 2010, ‘Analog People In A Digital World’ (Noecho Records, UK 2010), won the recognition of listeners, musicians and music journalists (reviews appeared, among others, in the paper edition of Kurier Lubelski and on the blog of Bartek Chaci?ski who rated it at 7/10). He shared the stage with W?adys?aw Komendarek, Niewinni Czarodzieje, Teielte, Wax Tailor, Emika and Dosh.

Official profile on facebook: www.facebook.com/jakubzamojski

Artists appearing on the disc include:

Jakub Zamojski - Arrangement, production, mixing, mastering, trumpet, vocal, classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, electronics

Piotr Kowalski - drums (1, 2, 6)
B?a?ej G?bura - soprano saxophone (1)
Mi?osz Zamojski - scratches (5)

Track list

1. Rev 21,1 4:03
2. Lk. 10,33 4:07
3. Song 1,5 2:48
4. Ruth 3,8 5:24
5. Jn. 8,48 4:33
6. Rev 21,1 (Futurospekcja remix) 3:17
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